Home Seller Tip: Prepare for the Buyer's Home Inspection

Dated: February 9 2024

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Home Seller Tip: Prepare for the Buyer's Home Inspection

Home Seller Tip: Prepare for the Buyer's Home Inspection

If your Gainesville home is on the market, you should prepare now for your future buyers to do their home inspections.  If you have NOT done a Pre-Listing home inspection, then you will need to review areas of your home so that you can prevent problems arising during the buyers’ inspection. Here are some important items to review.  Gainesville home sellers need to be prepared for their buyer’s inspections.  Remember that most buyers may have separate inspectors for the home, well & septic, termite, pool, and/or roof.  The inspection period can be stressful to the buyers and sellers, so “be prepared” to have your inspections go smoothly.

Make sure the inspector has access to all areas of your Gainesville home.  Make sure that all door and windows are operational and any exterior storage areas must be unlocked on the inspection date.  Here are some of the key places that will need your attention and review prior to the inspectors arriving.

  1. Attic: If your attic is accessed through a closet and/or the garage, take time to clear away stored items so the inspector can access the attic quickly and easily.  If there are lights up there, make sure the bulbs are working.  The inspector will be in the attic!
  2. Pool Equipment Area: Is your pool equipment easily accessible? Make sure the filter is clean and you don’t have any leaks on pipe connections. Pool equipment storage area should also be unlocked.
  3. Garage: Be sure to have all walls of the garage accessible. All electrical outlets in the garage must be able to be tested and the inspectors will not have to move storage items to get to those outlets. Double check to make sure the safety features of your auto-garage door are working properly.
  4. Utilities & Service Equipment: Clear around the furnace, air conditioner, water heater, circuit breaker boxes, gas meter, well/pump, and fireplace. Accessibility is key.  Best that every item looks serviced and well maintained.
  5. Foundation & Decking & Crawlspaces: Clear landscaping and brush away from the foundation and crawlspace openings.
  6. All Utilities Must Be ON:  If your Gainesville home is vacant, be sure to have the electricity turned on when the inspector comes.  Otherwise many aspects of the inspection can’t be done.  This may not only cause delay but, cost you a repairman to check those items per the buyers’ repair request.
  7. Keep pilot lights lit:  Make sure to have any gas appliances or gas logs on to avoid delays in the inspection process.
  8. Replace your Air conditioning filter. It makes a good impression with a clean filter.
  9. Light Bulbs: Check to make sure all bulbs are operational,  both inside and outside lighting.
  10. Check all receptacles:  If any aren’t in working order, it could be a simple fix for a few dollars. And, also check your GFI safety switches.
  11. Wood Decay:  In the Gainesville area, one of the biggest issues on a home inspection will be wood decay.  Do a walk-around to see if any of your exterior trim, sills, door frames, or exterior siding is showing any wood decay.

Being Prepared Make You a Diligent Home Seller!

You don’t want any questionable issues turning up the home inspection reports. It’s normal for sellers to be nervous about the home inspection but, with these tips in mind, you can pave the way to a smooth process to get to closing.

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